Our Crude Palm Oil is imported from Indonesia/Malaysia through Tuticorin Port, India. We have a good record of clearing the cargo from the port in record time, by our own fleet of tanker lorries.

Refining & Fractionation

Our plant is equipped with the world’s most sophisticated Edible Oil Refining Technology supplied by Alfa Laval,Sweden. This system produces more stable and better quality refined palm oil, with all the nutritional qualities intact. The refined palm oil is widely used for edible purposes.

The refined oil is transferred to fractionation process in order to separate part of liquid from solid part result in refined palm olein as clear liquid are used in downstream industries and for cooking purposes with their vitamin qualities intact. On the other hand, refined palm stearin as solid part which used in downstream industries for making several other products.


Our factory is equipped with the modern and highly developed vanaspati & bakery shortening plan. It is setup to manufacture quality vegetable ghee and variety of multi-specality bakery fat to cater the growing food & pastry industry.

Quality Control

Plenty of care is exercised on quality control at every stage of production, from selection of raw materials to the final stage. The quality control is carried out as per standard inspection tools, which ensures quality at every stage of production.


After passing quality control and stringent inspection system, finished products are being packed in pouches/ tins/ cans for distribution to consumers as per their requirement.


Finished products are delivered to via various channels viz., tanker / lorry to the fullest satisfaction of the customers from all walks of life.